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In many parts of the world the word “holiday” means a vacation, or taking a trip somewhere (ie: going on a holiday).

In the United States a holiday is a day set aside for celebration. The subject of celebration is one that has a particularly special meaning to the people who celebrate it.

Special days are celebrated around the world. They just aren’t called holidays everywhere.

On the Your Holiday Gift Ideas website you’ll find stories, and gift ideas about a variety of the holidays that we consider cause for celebration, and rejoicing. Those include popular celebrations such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, U.S. Independence Day (Fourth of July), Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas – among others.

You’ll also find some special occasions that we celebrate like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. While these aren’t officially identified as holidays, they certainly are happy events for most of us.

We normally celebrate our holidays with some activity – a festival, a party, sometimes a religious program.

The word holiday gets its roots from the term Holy Day, and comes from an Old English word that related to special religious days. Today we use holiday to specify a special period of time when we relax. This doesn’t always fit all our holiday events, obviously, since we normally don’t take time off work to relax for every one of the days we consider holidays. Those days like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and birthdays are considered normal work days by most companies.

Some of the Your Holiday Gift Ideas subjects stem from strictly religious observations. Christmas and Easter are major religious holidays, although the tradition of celebrating those days turned into traditions of gift-giving as well as prayer, and rejoicing. Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks for our many blessings. It’s symbolized by a large group of people gathering around a big meal.

Our major event in the United States is what we call the holiday season. In the USA this is a commercial term. It starts with Thanksgiving, and then lasts through New Year’s Day. In other countries however, the holiday season is more of a religious tradition that includes the winter solstice along with the other holidays.

Some holidays are specific to a particular country’s past events. An example of this is July 4th, or Independence Day, in the United States. It recognizes the country’s winning its freedom from English rule. Independence Day celebrations start with parades around the country, and ends after dark with huge fireworks displays in all the major cities, and towns.

Other holidays are celebrated around the world. They normally originate in one country, and people of other countries adopt them for their own. Father’s Day and Mother’s Days are an example of this spreading of a holiday’s celebrations from one country to another. The occurrence started in the United States, but the two days (along with Parent’s Day, Children’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day) are observed around the world today.

When you look for information about a particular holiday check the topics at Your Holiday Gift Ideas Site first. You’re likely to find the information that you need. And if you don’t send me a message through my contact page telling me about a holiday you’d like to read about. I’ll see if I can help you get some stories about your holiday.

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